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översättningar fine-tooth comb Lägg till. finkam. common. en comb with fine, closely-spaced teeth. Kantgravyr på 2-euromyntet: Fem vapen och sju slott, med jämna mellanrum.

Closely spaced

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Chu-Fang Yang 1,2,3, Wu-Cheng Chi 2 & Hans van Haren 4 Deconvolution of Closely Spaced Spectral Features with a Microcalorimeter EDS Hendrix Demers*,**, Raynald Gauvin**, Ian M. Anderson*, David C. Joy*, and Edward A. Kenik* *Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Metals and Ceramics Division, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 USA **McGill University, Dept. Mining, Metals and Materials Engineering, Montreal, Quebec, Canada The simultaneous and sequential propagation geometries of multiple closely spaced fractures were characterized through rock splitting and 3D reconstruction technology. It was found that the stage spacing, the number of clusters per stage, and net pressure in the previously created fractures had a crucial influence on the simultaneous and sequential propagation geometries. Closely spaced clusters of tandemly duplicated genes (CTDGs) contribute to the diversity of many phenotypes, including chemosensation, snake venom, and animal body plans. CTDGs have traditionally been identified subjectively as genomic neighborhoods containing several gene duplicates in close proximity; however, CTDGs are often highly variable with respect to gene number, intergenic distance closely spaced runways that involves the use of straight-in approaches to each runway. Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS, 1999a) [6] proposed using 1.5 nmi diagonal spacing between the leading aircraft on one runway and the trailing aircraft on the other runway. Wake turbulence protection is | Übersetzungen für 'closely spaced' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen, Multiplet A closely spaced group of spectral "lines" (wavelengths), suggesting that a single energy [] level was split into several closely-lying ones, by some additional factor such as electron spin.

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This example shows how to track objects in Simulink® with Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox™ when the association of sensor detections to tracks is ambiguous. Translations in context of "closely spaced" in English-Arabic from Reverso Context: Numerous closely spaced pregnancies; Translation Spell check Synonyms Conjugation More Flipping sidebands on your receiver can help hear beacons close in frequency, especially if one is much stronger than the other.

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Measurement of depths a larger probe, a lower frequency and knowledge of the crackfield  Those of the larger animal had seven closely spaced rings -- revealing rapid growth to young adulthood -- followed by six widely spaced rings  less noise and greater target separation giving you the ability to discern individual baitfish within a school, or to see multiple closely-spaced game fish. This paper presents an approximated virtual source imaging system based on crosstalk cancellation with a pair of closely spaced loudspeakers.

Flow down the primary main and imagine you’re entering that first tee. In this example, you learned how to track closely spaced targets using three types of trackers: global nearest neighbor, joint probabilistic data association, and track-oriented multiple hypothesis.
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Closely spaced

The result is a description of the physics of closely spaced arrays based on a set of orthogonal modes which allows antenna array designers to make informed design choices for wideband arrays before having to perform computationally expensive full-wave simulations on these electrically large structures. Issue Date: 2015-04-21: Type: Text: URI: Also, it is shown that the two closely spaced modes correspond both to bending shape modes. In this paper the dynamic behaviour of a high-rise building with complex structural system is studied. In some cases, to optimize the building design, the horizontal stability of the building is accomplished by the contribution of several structural components. 2015-05-25 Forming such a closely spaced hydraulic fracture array is a highly effective technique for increasing the permeability of a rock mass [1,2] or reducing the strength of a rock mass in mining [3].

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During their infant, toddler, and preschool years, you can make sure everyone goes down for nap/rest time at the same time and they can all share the same bedtime. PAIRED APPROACH: A CLOSELY SPACED PARALLEL RUNWAY APPROACH CONCEPT Randall S. Bone, B. Oscar Olmos, and Anand Mundra MITRE Corporation’s Center for Advanced Aviation System Development ABSTRACT The paired approach procedure is intended to facilitate IFR approaches to closely spaced parallel runways (closer than 2500 feet) and increase runway Primary-secondary piping systems call for the tees that go off to the secondary circuit to be close together, ideally not more than six inches apart.

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For instance, when you are safety wiring widely spaced bolts by the double-twist method, a group of three should be the maximum number in a series. When you are safety wiring closely spaced bolts, the number that can be safety wired by a 24-inch length of wire is the maximum in a series.

NFPA 13 Section 8.15.4 (2013 Edition) requires certain types of unenclosed floor openings to be protected with closely spaced sprinklers where sprinklers serve as an alternative to the enclosure of the vertical opening.